Fall 2016 newsletter

fall-2016-tqf-newsletter-coverOctober is underway–into double digits. But since that first digit isn’t a “2”, there is still almost three months to jump right onto the trails of The Quarry Farm before winter’s publication.

Start your journey by catching up with the fresh-off-the-camera-and-keyboard Fall 2016 newsletter. Just click on the cover to the left and read on.

First 5K

img_2723This time last year, Erin Seitz, newly Erin Fitch, bounced the idea of organizing a fundraising 5K run/walk on behalf of The Quarry Farm.

“People can run or walk it virtually and then we can have an actual race for people who want to come,” she said. “Everyone gets a t-shirt and a medal for supporting.”

I didn’t get why–or how–anyone would or could participate in a 5K virtually. Fifty other people from around the United States did. They began participating last June, pledging to run or walk 3.1 miles in their hometown at their own time of day or night. Anyone who wants to join in still can until 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2016.

This morning around 10 a.m., the onsite 5K began for the 30 more individuals who elected to pound the pavement here on Roads 7L and M7. Yesterday the skies opened up and more was promised for today, but the forecast cleared, the sun shown in blue sky and a mature bald eagle crossed the historic Road M6 bridge just as the runners and walkers came down the first hill on their way to the second. Thanks to Ted’s Market, water and Gatorade waited for them at the halfway point.

David Fryling crossed the finish line first with a time of 23:59. April Dorman, first woman through, clocked in at 27:34. There was more water, Gatorade and hot coffee in the Seitz Family Pavilion as well as granola bars, bananas and clementines courtesy of Kohl’s Market. As the first male and female finishers, David and April took home $50 gift certificates from Dick’s Sporting Goods and $15 gift certificates from RoadID.

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Hours before today’s run/walk whistle was blown, the Seitz Apple Butter Fest copper kettle was situated over the fire at the race’s turnaround point. The canning jars are now filled and light rain is just beginning to mist. I’ll wear my race shirt tomorrow, right after I fulfill my virtual run pledge.

I get it now. Thanks to everyone who beat me to the starting line. See you October 7, 2017, for the Second Annual Quarry Farm 5K.


cookies with Jam

In 363 days, the 2017 Quarry Farm Jam is happening under the red roof of the Seitz Pavilion. Two days after the 2016 musical gathering, my toes are still tapping and I wonder at the videos and photos that keep popping up on Facebook, including this compilation from Dave Frick:

A few years back, Steve brought up the idea of inviting musicians to this place, this “whole different world” as Betty Wannemacher says. No program, said Steve, just ask people to come on over and play their favorite musical instrument…or not. Listeners could pack a lawn chair. We’d supply the cookies, per tradition.

Four years ago, the first Quarry Farm Acoustic Night included guitar players and kazoos. The next year, fiddles and a saxophone showed up, too. The third year, scheduled for late October, was renamed a Jam as the pavilion was wired with electric outlets and lights. The weather didn’t care, however, as the Jam was snowed out (yes, snow.) The next day, we circled the second Saturday in 2016 as the fourth music night, plugged or unplugged.dsc_0046dsc_0044

Saturday’s instruments included guitars of various scale, a ukulele, autoharps, fiddles, harmonicas, and I believe that a mandolin made an appearance, too. There was a good gathering of music lovers to listen alongside and in the peaceable kingdom next door.

Oh so many thanks to Doug, Mike, Ralph, Gus, Dondi, Lynn, Bob, David and Michelle. And Erin, who has joined us every time with her roadie/soundman dad Bruce and musician mom Beth. Did you notice that great blue heron skimming low over the cabin on its way to sunset? That was your great-grandpa, Erin, and boy, is he proud.

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