A New Year’s Celebration

Lolly 3Although we didn’t celebrate a white Christmas on The Quarry Farm, when the snow finally did come, it failed to disappoint. In the last week we’ve received the better part of eight inches and it has transformed the area into a winter scene that would make even Currier & Ives jealous. For Lolly, a recent addition to the farm made possible by the good people at The Humane Society of Allen County, it was also her introduction to the wild part of The Quarry Farm.

We could try to paint a picture for you with words, talk about the stark contrast of the trees against the snow, the blue of the sky, Lolly’s exuberance as she bounded across the back field, but I’d inevitably fall short. So I’ll not even try. Instead, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Happy New Year, everybody.

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