Green-thumbed helping hands

The outdoor temperature dropped a good 30 degrees yesterday, from steamy shorts-and-tanks weather to jacket-required. That’s OK, since it’s northwest Ohio and still April.

The cooler air made for good gardening weather. Last evening, Tim and Phyllis Macke drove out to Red Fox Cabin to dig in and get the gardens in shape. The Putnam County Master Gardeners chose to support The Quarry Farm, and as the Mackes are both part of this program, they offered their services this afternoon to help get the grounds looking good for Saturday’s Family Day.


20160429_145229-1And the beat went on, with Holly Huber stopping by to dig in.

The weather forecast is continued rain–good for the green that just keep getting more and more so. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the help to clear invasives to make way for those plants that bring in the bees, butterflies and other pollinators, once the sun does shine for an extended period.

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