Look what came in the post

Picture yourself running at a clip along your favorite route, or walking, comfortably but at a pace brisk enough to get the blood moving aerobically through your veins.IMG_2372

And with each footfall you are supporting the educational programming, trail maintenance, invasive bush honeysuckle control and care and feeding of the farm animal sanctuary residents on The Quarry Farm Nature Preserve & Conservation Farm. The great blue heron medallion that swings across your chest/at your belt loop/from your rearview mirror reminds you of this.

The medals have arrived for The Quarry Farm 5K, with t-shirts just behind them. REGISTER NOW to run in your own space at your own pace or join us in person on October 1 in Northwest Ohio.

If you opt for the virtual event, please send in a photo of yourself wearing The Quarry Farm 5K t-shirt (and the medal, if you like) as you participate in your neck of the world. What a photo gallery that will be!

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