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  • ‘Gotta Get Gund’

    The headline of this post is a slogan from some years ago. The toymaker Gund used it to promote sales of their plush animals. It’s borrowed to encourage Easter bunnies to place toy rabbits, chicks and ducklings in baskets this Spring and to discourage everyone from giving live animals as gifts. Brownie is our resident […]

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  • Jam tonight

    We’ll be jammin’ at 6 under the red roof. Bring a chair and jam, too. At least tap your toe and sing along. The rain is moving through now and will leave us with cooler air, and there are cookies; always.

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  • preparing puffball

    preparing puffball

    Gerald Owen Coburn, the man who first set foot to the path that led to The Quarry Farm as we know it, was, at his very core, an artist. It was with an artist’s eye that he looked on absolutely everything, particularly the natural world; a recurring theme in the body of work that he […]

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