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  • Fall 2016 newsletter

    October is underway–into double digits. But since that first digit isn’t a “2”, there are still almost three months to jump right onto the trails of The Quarry Farm before winter’s publication. Start your journey by catching up with the fresh-off-the-camera-and-keyboard Fall 2016 newsletter. Just click on the cover to the left and read on.

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  • The heat is muddening

    Nothing profound to say here. July in Northwest Ohio is hot. After several days of rain, the outside air is also humid enough to pass as a perpetual steam bath. Or a mud bath in the goose water, if you’re Gertie and Beatrice. I don’t want to hear anyone complain about their dog rolling in […]

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  • Pig in a Blanket

    The newest resident of the conservation farm is in recovery as I type. Beatrice the pygmy pot-bellied pig was spayed this afternoon by Dr. Kathleen Babbitt of Lima Animal Hospital. Vet Tech Kaylie called with the news that Beatrice came through surgery with flying colors. Dr. Babbitt took lots of photos with her cell phone, […]

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