Tag: sugar maple

  • Trail Paved in Gold

    Board President Laura took this photograph yesterday. I could go on and on, but I don’t think anything more need be said, do you?

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  • Another Hour On a Different Day

    Seven months ago, I took an hour and wandered through the wild part of The Quarry Farm taking pictures. It was June then and the temperature beneath the green overhang of the woods was pushing 90 degrees. All manner of birds and insects were buzzing, chirping and flitting about and the sky was clear and […]

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  • An Hour On the Quarry

    We, here at The Quarry Farm, have the great good fortune of living on a piece of land that provides a host of possibilities. Because of the forward thinking of a few remarkable people (and here I’m going to name names: Carl Seitz, Joyce Seitz, Gerald Coburn and Laura Coburn), we have houses and gardens […]

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