A lovely, much-needed rain greened this morning. Can almost hear the trees sighing, and the birds…the birds!

Sid is sporting a new wet look for the day. What do you think? Let’s have a little creative writing contest here. There’s a free Quarry Farm t-shirt for the winner. The most descriptive commentary will be awarded a shirt in the author’s size. You have until June 1 to weigh in here on www.thequarryfarm.com.

7 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. I’m drawing a blank other than to make a parallel to what I always told my children. They could do what they wanted to their hair and the grass. Both grow back. Of course Sid looks like the type that might go for some tattoos. Can you keep him away from the parlor? I suppose he could join the Navy and get one but he’d have to get a crew-cut and I sense that is not in his nature.


      • Good point. He needs some piercings. That would be SO cool. Something on the comb. I don’t know enough about chicken faces to make any other suggestions but Sid would look Awesome. Of course this is all theoretical because it would hurt the poor little guy. I’m sure someone talented could Photoshop it.


  2. Sid new he couldn’t compete with the younger males for the chicks’ attention. He had been winning their hearts for years now and his same old, early 2010’s look was getting boring. He needed something to update his look; something eyecatching that the ladies would flock to!! He pondered on this as he sat watching early morning insects and critters come out and enjoy the rain laden grasses. A meandering lady bug, a rabbit chewing on fresh green shoots, a slug inching….that’s it! Sid greeted the slug rather overzealously by rubbing his head and neck all over the unsuspecting, sticky, slimy, gastropod. When Sid was finished, he admired himself in the reflection of a water droplet dangling from the end of a leaf from an overhanging branch. That’s it!!! He’d done it!!! He’d gotten that fresh, new, hip look he had been searching for!! He preened and preened and until his comb was just right! He wondered if humans knew about this miraculous new hair snail product? Probably not…have you seen humans’ hair?


  3. Sid was always a ‘ladie’s man’ and the recent rain had added a chic nuance to his comb and he AND the ladies liked it! Usually, Sid had no problem with the chicks but lately, his good looks seemed not to be working as they used to. Except for this recent rain turning his well managed locks into a crazy, punk style, he had been getting more misses than hits. He was no spring chicken anymore and all of these young males were infringing on his territory. He needed something new; something different to set him apart from the others; something that would last beyond the occasional spring dousing.
    As Sid sat pondering what he could do, he watched the activity of the farm’s tiny residents as they came out of hiding to celebrate the newly fallen rain and the cleansing of the earth. Sid watched lazily as a line of ants scurried along on an unknown mission; a bird tentatively reached up to nab a rain drop dangling on the tip of a leaf, a slug went inching….that’s it!!! Sid ran to the slug. He overzealously began rubbing his head and neck all over the sticky, slimy gastropod. When Sid felt he had gotten what he needed, the slug gave him a sideways glare and continued on; attempting to shake off the coating of feathers now adorning his usually discrete body.
    Sid preened for a few minutes and gazed at himself in a pool of water collected in flower petal. Yes. Yes! He loved the ‘new’ Sid!! Sid strutted over to the gathering of females and slowly walked with this chest out, giving them time to admire his new ‘do’. His parading was met with many coos and warbles and he knew he had found the edge he needed to compete with the younger males.
    Sid is enjoying his new found popularity and laughs when he sees humans with their hair merely plastered against their heads; lifeless and just lying there. Maybe he should tell them about this new hair snail he had discovered? Nah…let ’em find out for themselves.


  4. Ooops!! Sorry!!! I didn’t think the first one posted so I had to rewrite the story since I hadn’t saved it and resubmit!! The second story has been embellished beyond the first. Again, my apologies for the duplicate posts. Jan


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