Spring 2014 newsletter

2014 Spring Newsletter-2




This latest issue is packed with information about wild spring babies (and what to do if you find one or more) resident news and announcements for upcoming events on The Quarry Farm Nature Preserve and Conservation Farm.

Click on the cover to the left and read for yourself. Hope to see you on the trails as we search for wildflowers, salamanders, constellations and photo opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Spring 2014 newsletter

  1. Just enjoyed reading the articles and savoring the photos in the spring 2014 newsletter. I particularly relished the photos of spring, which still seems reluctant to commit to a full launch here in mid-Michigan.

    Here’s a question I’ve had for some time, but haven’t remembered to ask until now: Why is what I’ve always known as “Cranberry Creek” now called “Cranberry Run”? (I must admit I miss the alliteration of that body of water’s former name.)


    • Cranberry Run is a direct tributary to the Blanchard River. It flows west of Cranberry Run (you cross it on SR 65 between Columbus Grove and Ottawa.) Cranberry Run is less than 5 miles in length and empties into Riley Creek which, in turn, flows into the Blanchard.

      I grew up knowing Cranberry Run as Cranberry Creek, too. Both are historic streams, even though they’ve both been ditched repeatedly. But thanks to family, especially Mom who barred the way for the Allen County Engineers decades back, Cranberry run is in recovery.


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