New winter comes

Two hours and 20 minutes of 2014 remain to us in Northwest Ohio. If the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has their way with us, we will feel the cold dry air become even more so as three more degrees slip away to 16 degrees F by the time the ball drops.
In the still cold outside, the Christmas solar bulbs hang in a sugar maple. A clear sky of stars and half moon will keep them glowing for a few minutes longer than in the past week of rain. We humans are snug inside, our toes snug in slippers and the rest of our persons wrapped in afghans and quilts, the extended version of “The Two Towers” onscreen to lead us up to the new year.
Outside in the farm animal sanctuary, under that sugar maple, donkey and goats are wrapped in the thermal coats that arrived this fall, winter wear purchased through the donations received throughout 2014. Oh, yes, there will be photos.
Buddy Vincent

Buddy visits a Seiler grandchild

Although 16 degrees F is a heatwave compared to the bone-deep bite felt this time last year, it warms the soul to see the little herd walk the moonlit paths from building to building, warm in their shiny new gear. Thanks to Ellen Seiler and her family, who visited on Sunday, there are apples out there, too. Nothing like a very cold, crisp apple to toast 2015. There are enough to share with the red fox pair that bark in the lowland.

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2014 a banner year on The Quarry Farm. Here’s to another year of star walks, art workshops, acoustic music, nature days and whatever else comes our way. We can share one major 2015 project heads up  with you: A whole lot of bush honeysuckle is going by the wayside, if your game for a pullin’.

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