Sticky toes and hiking sticks

The drive home yesterday afternoon was a race against the weather. A thunderstorm rolled in from the west, heavy with rain, wind and lightning.

I lost the race. Anyone driving by saw two humans trimming honeysuckle trunks of branches and stems, all soaked and getting wetter by the moment. The geese weren’t bothered, but pigs, goats and donkeys watched the proceedings from under dry roofs. By 9:00 p.m., it was dark and we had 45 honeysuckle stems ready to become hiking sticks on Friday morning at the hands of the Pandora-Gilboa Elementary School’s Third Grade as taught by Mrs. Arthur and Mrs. Henry.

Gray tree frog, its sticky toes keeping it five feet above the ground

Gray tree frog, its sticky toes stuck five feet above the ground

IMG_4845An hour later, we were still damp but warm and ready for sleep. But a look out the kitchen window kept us up for another half hour. The steady rain had sent a ‘sticky toed’ gray tree frog climbing for higher ground. How can you not stay awake for that?

Twelve hours later, blue sky and a yellow school busload rolled in and stayed for the day. Presumably, the treefrog is back under the spring canopy.




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