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  • Scenes from a year of hikes in the floodplain

    Each fall, the trail cams come down for maintenance and are rehung for the next four seasons. Paul installed the north trail through the floodplain several years ago, opening that area to bird watchers and hikers of all species. It’s a popular resting stop for migratory songbirds. Birder Deb captures beautiful photos there as they […]

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  • A recap, with goat wrestling

    Steve is wrestling with Mister Bill in the cool of the evening. This has become the routine this week after the temperatures fell out of the upper 80s and into the 60s by dusk. Bill scampers up the ramp and down the steps to mock charge. Steve holds the giant goat’s horns–lightly so as not […]

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  • Sticky toes and hiking sticks

    The drive home yesterday afternoon was a race against the weather. A thunderstorm rolled in from the west, heavy with rain, wind and lightning. I lost the race. Anyone driving by saw two humans trimming honeysuckle trunks of branches and stems, all soaked and getting wetter by the moment. The geese weren’t bothered, but pigs, […]

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