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  • Quarry Farm Friday starring Angus the Virginia Opossum

    Today’s “Quarry Farm Fridays with the Bluffton Public Library” featured North America’s marsupial. Angus the Virginia Opossum is our resident education ambassador for his kind.

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  • Quarry Farm Friday starring Quinn

    Thanks to Steve’s fruity, sweet macaron, Quinn woke up from her nap in time for today’s Quarry Farm Fridays with the Bluffton Public Library. Next week, viewers will virtually “meet” Angus the Virginia Opossum.

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  • Captain John Smith (2014-2015)

    The overwhelming downside to establishing relationships is the inevitable loss and grief that accompanies them. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, we can postpone that inevitability for decades. Other times…well, we take what we can get and are simply grateful for it. So it is with Captain John Smith and we are, indeed, grateful. Our friend, Kim […]

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