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  • Captain John Smith (2014-2015)

    The overwhelming downside to establishing relationships is the inevitable loss and grief that accompanies them. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, we can postpone that inevitability for decades. Other times…well, we take what we can get and are simply grateful for it. So it is with Captain John Smith and we are, indeed, grateful. Our friend, Kim […]

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  • Christmas readings with Captain John

    One animal stayed outside in the winter snow to clean up after everyone else who snuggled inside the mitten. That’s what third grade students in Mrs. Arthur’s class at Pandora-Gilboa Elementary School found out this week when one class member invited Steve to read a story to his class. As a holiday treat, with language […]

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  • so that’s what you call him…

    The Quarry Farm is pleased to introduce Captain John Smith. Thanks, Kim, for the suggestion, and thanks to everyone who offered up a recommendation. There were several that made the cut, but this, by far, was our favorite. Want to know why? Just follow the link:  http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mcvmagazine/issues/2014/jan-feb/young-naturalists.html

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