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  • Opossum and Snake Go to School

    Every now and then someone tells us about the Virginia Opossum that has lived undertheir porch for years. If there is one thing that we learned while volunteering withNature’s Nursery Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and during the years following is thatthese individuals are probably not the same Virginia Opossum. While getting to knoweducational ambassadors for […]

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  • so that’s what you call him…

    The Quarry Farm is pleased to introduce Captain John Smith. Thanks, Kim, for the suggestion, and thanks to everyone who offered up a recommendation. There were several that made the cut, but this, by far, was our favorite. Want to know why? Just follow the link:  http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mcvmagazine/issues/2014/jan-feb/young-naturalists.html

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  • A Mother’s Love

    Two weeks ago, we received a call from an acquaintance on the east side of Findlay, Ohio. He’d found a female opossum at the side of the road near his home and she was still nursing a litter of babies. When we arrived, he led us to his old horse barn where he’d stashed mother […]

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