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  • Opossum and Snake Go to School

    Every now and then someone tells us about the Virginia Opossum that has lived undertheir porch for years. If there is one thing that we learned while volunteering withNature’s Nursery Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and during the years following is thatthese individuals are probably not the same Virginia Opossum. While getting to knoweducational ambassadors for […]

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  • The first run of the season

    Today was the first day of the plunge into the season of animal rehabilitation calls. An hour or so after arriving at home, a call came in about a Canada goose that was reported to have a broken wing, and spent three or so days frozen to the ground amidst field stubble out on Old […]

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  • An Eighth Direction

    The shelter house project at Red Fox Cabin is underway. A crew from Hovest Construction broke ground on Tuesday, clearing and leveling ground between the posts of the compass garden for 24’ x 24’ concrete pad. The crew finished and sealed the pad on Wednesday and cleaned and leveled the work site this morning. By […]

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