Be Our Neighbor

This past Sunday, September 16, neighbors from up and down Road 7L and from various points around the block visited for an open house. All gathered under the red roof of the Seitz Family Pavilion for cookies, muffins, sandwiches and lemonade.

The sky was blue, blue and more blue, the goldenrod positively gilded and the butterflies flitted on cue. Plenty of mosquito repellent was applied to skin, enough to allow for guests catch up with friends, and for others to walk the gardens and the trails of the nature preserve.

Truly was a beautiful day for the local unveiling. The door is open for many more educational programs, photo and sketch walks, family and group meetings, or just a day or an hour away for one or two.

If you haven’t checked out the ABOUT or WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS pages here at, I think this photo from Sunday speaks louder than most words. But don’t let that stop you from perusing the menu anyway.

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