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  • seeking avian life forms

    This weekend is the 22nd Annual Great Backyard Bird Count, four days when, world-wide, people peer through binoculars and add apps to their phones (speaking from personal habit) to help them identify what birds are at their feeders or watering troughs from February 16-18, 2019. I can hear European starlings above our bathroom ceiling, so […]

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  • Bridging confused seasons

    Bridging confused seasons

    This week’s April morning snow reminded me that the mucks will likely occupy a place on the door mat beside the sandals, probably for a double-digit number of days. The garden hose thawed in 80°F last Friday. Resting water froze again on Saturday. There is a groundhog somewhere who predicts eight more weeks of hauling […]

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  • Walk softly and carry a big tissue

    Your accent is determined by where you live. More specifically, words are shaped by the temperature range in one’s part of the world. In North America, anyway. I’m pretty sure that I’m right about this. For example, people in the South speak with a drawl because the climate is hot. The further southeast you go, […]

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  • Listen and you shall hear

    Water overflows in lower levels of the floodplain. Cranberry Run bubbles through the preserve, still held within its banks on its way to the Riley. There is a smattering of rain today but strong winds wipe away most of the drops before they make landfall. That wind is gusting and swirling so that it’s difficult to […]

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  • Butterflies beyond the heat islands

    There is no better cure for a bad case of the Mondays than a brisk walk in the open air. If your feet take you beyond the water cooler and out of doors to a concrete sidewalk, perhaps this virtual walk in The Quarry Farm butterfly gardens will transport you beyond your August Ohio heat […]

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