Tag: Eastern Fox Squirrel

  • How Clear the Waters Run

    I think it will always thrill me to overhear someone asking someone else if they have ever been to The Quarry Farm, for people to talk about the animals, birds, gardens and the clarity of the stream. Not everyone will turn over their yard to goats, roosters, and geriatric pigs, but gardens—the riotous kind filled […]

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  • A masked advance

    For a warm minute, Northwest Ohioans were treated to spectacular fall color, said to be a result of a wet spring and dry fall. A droughty spring can cause tree branches to seal themselves off from new leaves. They’ll drop before they’ve had a chance to develop an autumn foliate aurora. The minute has all but […]

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  • Walk softly and carry a big tissue

    Your accent is determined by where you live. More specifically, words are shaped by the temperature range in one’s part of the world. In North America, anyway. I’m pretty sure that I’m right about this. For example, people in the South speak with a drawl because the climate is hot. The further southeast you go, […]

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