Tag: orphaned wildlife

  • when the bough breaks…

    Somewhere between two and three weeks ago, we went out and brought back our first squirrels of the season: fox squirrel pups, three of them. They were tiny, nearly hairless and had yet to open their eyes. The call about them came from a friend in the Village of Continental. One of her neighbors was […]

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  • Sixteen Chicks and a Kit

    It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a busy week. On Monday, we received a call from the Pandora branch of the United States Postal Service. “There is,” a woman explained, ” a package for you.” Long pause. “And it’s talking.” The chicks we’d ordered late last winter had arrived: five Black Australorps, five Black Giants […]

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  • Passing Through

    Orphans. The word conjures a host of images, mostly Victorian, of wide-eyed children dressed in rags begging on streets or, empty bowl in hand, ┬ápleading for more; of row on row of narrow beds, each filled with a child praying for a good family. These are Hollywood images, as unrealistic in their portrayal of real […]

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