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  • Sixteen Chicks and a Kit

    It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a busy week. On Monday, we received a call from the Pandora branch of the United States Postal Service. “There is,” a woman explained, ” a package for you.” Long pause. “And it’s talking.” The chicks we’d ordered late last winter had arrived: five Black Australorps, five Black Giants […]

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  • So. Routines.

    Routines. We’re governed by them. The side of the bed we sleep on, the way we rise in the morning, break our fast, brush our teeth, the routes we take to work, slog through the day, reverse the route to work back home, eat our meals, play our games, relax, watch television, listen to music, […]

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  • Who Are You Calling Chicken?

    There are milestones in all lives: births, deaths, graduations, marriage, love. As much as this statement may sound like the prologue to a soap, these are the events that shape our lives. I’ve experienced all of the above and have to include another: chickens. I’m going to wait a few seconds while you take that […]

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