Tag: Rhode Island Red

  • Sixteen Chicks and a Kit

    It’s only Tuesday and it’s already a busy week. On Monday, we received a call from the Pandora branch of the United States Postal Service. “There is,” a woman explained, ” a package for you.” Long pause. “And it’s talking.” The chicks we’d ordered late last winter had arrived: five Black Australorps, five Black Giants […]

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  • Snow Day

    This morning, bands of clouds the color of dust stretched from the horizon to the sky. I know that sounds strange: of course the clouds stretched to the sky. What I mean to say is that the clouds didn’t lay horizontally across the heavens. No. Instead they seemed to start at some point on the […]

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  • It’s the little things (that show you care)

    Here on the farm sanctuary of the Quarry Farm, you all know by now that we have chickens. Of those chickens, four are roosters. One rooster, Sid, doesn’t count because he is fancy and that keeps him docile and slow-moving. Bernie, Jeff and Ralph are birds of a different feather altogether. These three probable Rhode Island Reds […]

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